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Understanding the needs of our clients

Our team have a detailed discussion with the clients for a complete update of their requirements. Our representatives even visit clients at their office for an in depth understanding of the nature of the job. Every Point is deeply noted to fulfil client’s satisfaction. This facilitates a good working relationship and it results full coordination with the clients.


Following the authorization from our clients, we publish openings for a particular profession, with complete job description in the leading newspapers and other popular media to receive perfect matching resumes in our databank.


Our Recruitment team scans the databank for procuring the details of the candidate. After scrutinizing the resumes and conducting a thorough background check, we carrying out a detailed analysis of the job specification and the employee qualification to avoid any mismatching. As per the candidate’s caliber and experience, they are explained about the related job description in detail by our recruitment team.

Selection Panel

The Selection Panel which is comprised by our highly skilled experts who decides the eligibility of candidates for selection and short listing. Our professional experts take full responsibility of providing the best work force.

Interview and Trade test

The short-listed candidates are called for an interview. They are interviewed by our selection panel and the representatives of our clients. The final selection of our choice is presented before the client for their approval. Depending on the client’s wish, the personal involvement in the selection is met. The interviews conducted by the client’s team can be done at the office or at venues convenient to the client. They subject the candidates to a trade test to check the authenticity of the trade of the candidates.

Medical check-up and verification

The Selected candidates are sent for medical check-up in an authorized medical centre of the country where the candidates will be placed. Accurate information of the employed candidate is an unquestioned right of the client. As an ethical obligation on the part of the recruiting agency, our pre-employment system provides reports on all vital aspects of the candidate’s medical and personal background. These are verified through reference checks with past employers and immediate superiors.

Mobilization period and dispatch of workers

Only medically-fit certified candidates are processed further for visa issuance or visa endorsement. We segregate ECR and ECNR passport based on which visa issuance / endorsements, we make all necessary arrangements for the candidates travel to the destination country. From the time a candidate is selected till he/she is deployed, the client as well as the candidate is provided with status information whenever required. Normally it takes about two to four weeks to mobilize workers after receipt of the original requirements/documents from the employers.

Documentation Head

The individual files will be maintained for all selected candidates that will contain the following documents. 1. Original passport. 2. Employment agreement. 3. Copy of Medical Test Report. 4. Ten Photographs. 5. Educational & Experience certificate & CV’s. 6. Trade test report of application.